New blog!

14 08 2011

Hello! I am starting a new adventure in my life and therefore a brand new blog! Ugh, so many to follow. No worries folks! For the time being I will only be posting on the new blog.

Go here:┬áto check out the “soft launch” of the new blog. Be sure to make sure that “donation” button works ;)




May 21 – My first jam

24 05 2011

Here are the videos Bear Lee Giveashit shot of my bout on Saturday. My family couldn’t be in town for the bout, so I figured video is the next best thing! These are only the jams I was in, for rest of the bout videos you’ll have to look elsewhere (he only recorded jams I was in). It was my first time jamming and I think I did alright and we won! Albany All Stars B-squad v. Hudson Valley Horrors ZomBSquad – Final score: 105 – 73

B is for Bruski

11 01 2011

Twelve months ago when I started this blog it was meant to be a way for folks back home and elsewhere to keep up with the random activities I was getting into. From basketball games to llama walks to day trips I think I kept y’all pretty well informed of what all was going on.

These days (okay, the past few months) I have pretty much settled into a regular routine with work and extracurricular activities, so I’m not sure of the relevance of this blog anymore. I mean, I could write about how awesome roller derby is for every post and how I have some kickin’ bruises to show off, but after like 8 posts of derby goodness, I think y’all would get a little bored. My regular routine is awesome and consists of working 5 days a week, skating roller derby 4 days a week, guitar lessons once a week and spending time with friends and my manfriend during all my free time.

So, this is my fare-thee-well post. I hope y’all have enjoyed all the posts, and sorry I wasn’t too consistent with keeping things updated (thats good though, means I’ve been keeping busy!)

For updates on my day-to-day stuff, check out my Facebook page. Also feel free to Skype me at kcbruski or shoot me a message on AIM at bublygreencheeze. Or you know, pick up the phone and call (if ya want my number shoot me an email).

Thanks for reading!


Want to see me run in a bikini?

6 12 2010

Ahhh roller derby! What a joyous sport!

Okay, maybe joyous isn’t the exact word I was looking for. Maybe kickin’ or rockin’ or bad ass!

There is a lot more to derby than skating around in circles, hitting and booty blocking. We do a lot of community service stuff and we raise money for non-profits around town. Kinda feel where I’m headed with this?

The Albany All Stars Roller Derby team is running in the Santa Speedo Sprint this year, and we want you to sponsor us! The Santa Speedo Sprint is a run where the participants wear speedos and bikinis in the frigid December air and sprint half a mile to raise money. This year the run benefits the Damien Center, a community center for individuals and families living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. If you would like to make a donation, go here:

P.S. The more you donate the less we will be wearing ;) And I’ll post photos for those of y’all far away

Your song of the week:

4 12 2010

Gobble gobble

25 11 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Now, instead of chillin’ in front of your computer reading this, go out and find someone with food!

Got a plate full of deliciousness? Good.

Aaaand we’re back!

Thanksgiving at the Bruski household was always a fun time. Everyone would cook something delicious and then we would invite everyone and their mom over to eat with us. We always had the on duty B’creek police officers stop by, the occasional “adopted” kid and of course some folks from the “Hood” would always make an appearance.

Last year was the first year it was a little different. This time last year, Logan and I were in the Lima, Peru airport eating Papa Johns pizza for our Thanksgiving feast and trying to get back to The States. I’m pretty sure we were low on cash, sleep deprived and battling Montezuma’s Revenge (don’t drink the water!). We were reminiscing about our trip (click here for photos!) and starting to plan our next excursion. Logan is my all-time favorite travel buddy and even though its been a year since we were on a trip together and I’ve only seen him a couple of times this year, I can’t wait to go on our next adventure (hint hint).

This year I won’t see my family at all during Thanksgiving. My work schedule was a little whack this week and flights out were kinda expensive, so I opted to stay in Albany for the day of feasting. No worries though, I won’t be spending the holiday alone. My boyfriend’s family was kind enough to invite me to their celebration and spend the day with them. Apparently there will be a lot of folks hanging out and eating, so it should be a great time. =)

Have a happy and safe holiday! I’ll let you know how my first Thanksgiving sin family goes.


21 11 2010


So, my bad on not keeping this bad boy up to date. I’ve been super busy lately and the blog has fallen to the wayside. Oops.

Lets see where we left off… October? What!?

Well, let’s get y’all up to date then shall we?

First and foremost, I am now officially a roller derby girl! You may call me KCDC (Kacey Causes Devaskating Chaos) or Chaos or DC. Your pick. Skating takes up 3 of my evenings and my Saturday mornings on a regular basis and sometimes a Tuesday or Friday night when I go skate at the roller rink for fun. My skills have definitely improved over the past few months and if I can just stay on my feet after getting hit by Jenny Rotten then I should be good to go for bout season.

I’m still taking guitar lessons and can kind of fluidly play through a couple of songs. I should probably practice more, but I get distracted too easily and run out of material too quickly. Does anyone know of any good tab sites? Or anyone want to send me some tabs?

Oh! And remember that one time a big lady man-handled me into a strangers apartment? Well, said stranger is now my boyfriend (manfriend?) aaaand he is awesome. Nuff said.

I’m moving! Okay, not away from Albany, and certainly not back to Ohio. I’m moving to a new apartment! Where I’m at now is great, but it is a little expensive and I like to save my money. So, I found a cute little studio apartment in an attic and move mid-December. Not only do I have cheaper rent, but I also get to downsize and get rid of a lot of stuff. I don’t like stuff. Ugh.

Anywho, basically I am doing fantastic and will start writing again. Sorry for the unannounced hiatus.

p.s. Ohio kids need to visit meeeeeee! =)