Ah yes, the intro…

21 01 2010

Hello. I hope your day is going well. My name is Kacey, and I am not a writer.

Then why write, of all things, a blog?

This isn’t for me, it’s for my friends and family, so I can keep them up to date on my new life.

I just moved to Albany, NY from Dayton, OH. This is my first time living in an apartment alone. I’ve lived away from home before, no problem, but this time it is a new city, state and job; all new experiences. I know my family worries that I will starve to death (my former roommates cooked for me), or that I will be very lonely and sad living so far away from home, or that I will go exploring a new part of town, get lost and never make it back to my apartment because I can’t get the stupid GPS to work. This wonderful blog will be a public record of my adventures in Albany, the friends I make, the things I do, etc.

I meant to start blogging three weeks ago when I learned of my new job at the esteemed Times Union Newspaper (owned by Hearst) in Albany. The idea was that I would blog about the process of moving, my first day at work and what not. I’m in the middle of my second week of work, so you missed all that; but moving is boring and no one wants to hear about work. You might be interested in what I do at the paper…

I am a part of the online department, I update stories and centerpieces, do a few blog updates about savings (which I know nothing about), and do design work for the website. Mostly it is design work, and its fun. But more on that later.

Thanks in advance for reading.




5 responses

21 01 2010

You won’t starve to death, you can always make some of those delicious nachos like we made that one time. Just make sure a toilet is close…. and you don’t need to go anywhere for a while. Haha.

21 01 2010

I’m reminded of Julie Powell’s blog that she started when she decided to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes. Turned into a book, then a movie (my third favorite this season only behind Avatar and Star Trek). You have an appealing, conversational writing style. Stay with it. And you are a writer if you write. It’s that simple.

21 01 2010
John Tyler

Blogs are a great idea to keep in touch back home. I started one when I got to the United Kingdom. You should look into using Google Adsense on your blog. I’ve earned over $200 in about 12 days. Could help out with all those expensive nights out you’re going to have in your fancy new city ;-)

21 01 2010
Nathan G

Great idea I look foreward to future episodes of KCB online :-)

23 01 2010

I never worry about you starving because I know you have $$. I never worry about you getting lost because you know about statue cows. I never worry about you being lonely because you have Skype. I do worry if you are sad but know you will call me if you need me. So don’t worry that I worry.

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