So this one time…

21 01 2010

So this one time my brother and I went to South America and never posted photos

Here they are now. Enjoy.




10 responses

21 01 2010
Nathan G

Amazing pics, it was better looking at the pics with your moms maternal comments mixed in. ;-)

21 01 2010

Haha, I’m sure she will add comments here too. :)

22 01 2010

I like the jackalope the best lol

22 01 2010

I love how you put comments for like every picture. My ADD would have prevented me from getting past about picture 4!

23 01 2010

Well, that whole photo-J thing makes me cringe when there aren’t captions. :)

23 01 2010

I have nothing to say. LOL

23 01 2010

What an awesome trip! It looks like you and Logan had a wonderful time. I was expecting one of you guys taking Tango lessons in Buenos Aires. I loved the Peru photos….and have it on my list of places to visit before I die. Great Photos!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

24 01 2010

Thanks, Kacey! I was hoping to see these. Looks like an amazing adventure! What’s next on your list? :-)

25 01 2010
Linda Thaxton

What a great adventure. I’m so glad you guys got to do that together. You will treasure those memories forever. The pics were amazing, but the captions were even more entertaining! You are HILARIOUS.

28 01 2010

I am sooo jealous! Looks like an amazing trip.

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