Cooking Experiment #3 = FAIL

23 01 2010

Before reading this post, go grab your liquor or liqueur of choice, a shot glass and get ready to play.

Take a shot every time you see: egg(s) or hard-boiled. :)

This morning, or I should say afternoon because I slept in late, I decided to cook breakfast instead of going with my usual cereal.

I failed pretty miserably.

My mom used to make eggs in the microwave. You put the egg in a bowl with a little butter, salt and pepper, zap it for a minute, and viola! You have a yummy sunny side up egg for breakfast. Mine turned into a hard-boiled looking monster.

Heres why:

If you’ve seen my dishes, you will know its a weird mix of coffee cups, Tupperware, plates and french onion soup bowls. Well all my bowls were dirty, so I used tiny bowls, diameter of about 2 inches. So the egg guts were in more of a round formation instead of a flat formation; hence the weird hard-boiled look. I also microwaved them for 2 minutes because I pushed the wrong “express cook” button, so they had a hard-boiled texture too.

I guess cooking experiment #3 wasn’t a horrible experience. I did learn how to make a hard-boiled egg in the microwave, and did get some breakfast out of it.




6 responses

23 01 2010

This is hilarious. I’m going to save it for later on tonight and read again so I can take my shots. tee hee hee

23 01 2010

I would reply in more detail, but my fingers are slurring their words after all those shots…

24 01 2010

ohhhh kacey. i am sending food asap.

24 01 2010
Nathan G

Haha well 4th times the charm that’s what they say right.

25 01 2010
Linda Thaxton

Toss those “egg guts” in a little skillet with some butter and stir over medium heat. Less risky! Nine shots…seriously?

25 01 2010

Next time I will try the skillet approach.
And you can do 9 shots… if you wanna pass out.

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