Capital 10,000

26 01 2010

A few months ago, my dad and I decided to run in the Capital 10,000 ( It’s a 10k (6.2 miles) race held in Austin, Texas (my birthplace) every year. My dad ran it before I was born; in fact its how he and my mom met. So we decided to run the race this year. We started training back in September, slacked off in December and are starting up again in January.

The race is on Sunday, April 11. That gives us a little over 70 days to be able to run 6.2 miles up and down hill.


So, if you see my Pops, give him a high five for running with me and kicking my butt in gear when I slack off.




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27 01 2010

Both of you will be able to work out together when he comes to visit for Super Bowl Weekend. So workout – football – workout – football -workout – you get the idea. No slackers that weekend. You both need to hustle. (Easy for me to say – I’m not getting near that race)

27 01 2010

What? You’re not going to come? We need you to carry us back to the hotel cuz our legs will be like jelly.

28 01 2010
Linda Thaxton

I’m excited you’re doing that. It’s lots of fun. Guys in tutus and combat boots kind of fun! I ran the Cap 10K when I was with child (the one who eventually became your cousin Adam), so I know all about that jelly leg thing. I will rescue you!

29 01 2010

Woohoo! Thanks Linda.

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