27 01 2010

Today I returned home from work, and found a box in front of my door… and it wasn’t from my parents who like to send me things I forgot.

My delightful gift was from my longtime friend and neighbor, Julie Vann.

The Lovely Julie Vann

I’ve known her (and the rest of the ‘Hood) since I first moved to Ohio in December 1997. She is a wonderful lady who laughs often, is always looking out for everyone and is hella fun to be around. So, wanna know what I got?

Whale ice cream scoop, piranha pizza cutter, heart pot holder, happy yellow polka-dot brush, gorgeous napkins, a veggie scrubber thats an animal and the basket for mail or food!

So basically it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. It was all things I need, and will most certainly use.

And even though I have your thank you letter written and in the mailbox, Thank you Julie, you’re the greatest.

FYI: The ‘Hood is a group of neighbors from the esteemed Cape Cod Neighborhood in Beavercreek, Ohio (cool right?). We used to have dinner at each others houses, have neighborhood events and hang out at the Legion. My brother and I were just kids when the group was in its prime; so logically every neighbor turned into aunt and uncle figures for us. It’s a great group of people and I love that they are my official “extended family”.




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27 01 2010

We have truly been blessed with the neighborhood we chose to live in when arriving in Ohio. Our family will miss them terribly but hope they will always be close and still consider us family. Julie is a gem and a true family treasure. Thanks, Julie.

28 01 2010
Patty Marcano

Kacey: I hope you’re doing ok out there in the BIG city. I’m sure your Mom and Dad miss your terribly, but they will never stop worrying about you – trust me on that one. If Ray and I are ever in New York, we’ll give you a call.

28 01 2010

Its not really a big city, Albany is about the same size as Columbus… but hey, if you are ever in the area I would love to see ya!

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