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29 01 2010

Hey, my name isn’t Kacey… it’s now Karey. Yup. Thank you electric bill for telling me my payment was declined and giving me a stroke because you can’t spell my name right.

Just took a phone call to get the fee for declined payment dropped and to get my name changed back to what it should be.

But it still shouldn’t have happened. Kinda pissed.

Oh well.

Anywho, How are things in wherever you are? I love hearing from everyone, and it would be great to hear what the heck you crazy people are getting into. :)

Tomorrow I am going over to my coworker’s house to watch Indiana Jones and play Wii. Mike has 2 kids who are (according to him) the two coolest kids around. It will be nice to get some “family time” with the Huber clan. Mr. Huber is a fun dude, who uses hip language and gets excited about… well… almost everything.

Speaking of Mike, today at work I had to make a topper for a wedding blog. Which of course got Mike excited about weddings, so he asked what my dream wedding was.

I told him I wasn’t going to get married.

So, logically (?), he (being a dad and having a daughter of his own) announced that he was in charge of my wedding and had it all planned out for me, even had the groom picked out (whom of course is probably a hunky famous dude). One problem: I’m not getting married any time in the next ten years. And he said I have to wear a white dress, even though I want something fun like red.

Yeah, thats usually about how my day at the office goes. I design a few things, chat with the guys in the Pod and get yelled at for not wearing the right color dress to my non-existent wedding.

Oh, and his daughter is 12, so he told me I have to produce a grandchild for him sometime soon. Because he thinks babies are cute. :)

Go Mike.




2 responses

2 02 2010

So what’s up with the bill? I’m so confused but I stay that way half the time. Tell Mike our deal about Las Vegas. And tell him to get his own grandchildren. I’m not ready for that and neither are you. I need Mike’s email.

5 02 2010

Haha, he was just playing. Don’t worry Mama.

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