New Video! Cuz I’m lazy!

6 02 2010



3 responses

6 02 2010

You should be on YouTube. You are awesome on video. Very cute and funny. Adorable eyes. I haven’t heard from your dad and wish he would let me know where he is. Assuming he made it to Detroit but not a word from him. Please let me know if you hear from him. Keep up the blog. It’s 5:19 a.m. here in Dayton, “Dayton”, and your blog is entertaining. Very handy indeed. LOVE YOU MORE.

6 02 2010
Nathan G

These videos are cute, I can’t watch you talk I have to minimize. If I watch I can’t help smiling, it feels weird smiling uncontrollably at the internet Kacey.
If you know the airline and flight number you can look up the flight status real time at

6 02 2010
Linda Thaxton

I am not surprised at all that you have already settled into your new digs, tackled your job, hooked up with some fun folks and are now dribbling your way to super star status on the court! Visualize a standing ovation with a loud, “woo hoo”.

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