Bachelor Fridge

7 02 2010

A few days ago I realized that I have no food in my fridge/cabinets. So after contemplating my situation, I concluded that my fridge has been hijacked by a bachelor and is not mine. Here are a few photos.

Cabinet: Ramen, soup, peanut butter and cereal.

The only remotely girly food I have: baking supplies and spices.

The Refrigerator: condiments, Gatorade, green olives, milk and beer.

The Freezer: chili, pretzels and waffles.

And of course, today is the Super Bowl, and I’m having a party. So add a lot more beer and some chili on the stove and viola! Man kitchen!




4 responses

7 02 2010

Haha, I could make fun… but you have more food in there than me. Plus I have 2 people and a dog in my house. All we have is ice cream, old frozen broccoli, ramen, and rum. Bad Paco! Why didn’t we learn how to cook like normal people?

8 02 2010

We didn’t learn how to cook because we were eating so much Asian food. duh.

8 02 2010

Asian food, mac and cheese, and those HANOUS NACHOS!!! Haha.

10 02 2010

oh Nachos… how I miss thee.

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