2 03 2010

So, for the past four days I have been trying to upload the latest “kacey cam” to the internet, and it just won’t work. So, sorry about the delay in new blog posts, I know its annoying to check a blog and never see it updated.

Since KCam isn’t working, I will have to update y’all the old-fashioned way.

February was a good month. The first weekend Dad came to visit, the second Chris came to visit, the third I got to go home to see Wicked, and last weekend was so busy I don’t even know where to begin. :)

I played a basketball game on Sunday in the actual league, and I made a 3 pointer. Thats right, I shot from way far away and made it. Too bad my foot was over the line by an inch, so I only got 2 points for it… but at least I contributed.

I met Jess Vann’s friend Matt S. we ate food and drank some beer together on Lark Street. Lark Street is basically like the Oregon District or Court Street, only not as many people and not as cool. But it was still really fun. I won a free Jameson Irish Whiskey t-shirt, which I will be giving away via contest on this blog.

Exciting stuff.

remember that one day like a week ago when the north-east got hammered with snow? Yeah, the ALB got about a foot to 14inches of snow. Then it rained and made the snow all sloshy, and then it snowed some more. Over the weekend the streets were clear, and the ground still had a ton of snow on it, so I went sledding with the Huber gang. It was super fun, and the kids were awesome. We sledded for about an hour and a half, then had hot cocoa. mmmm.

Work is busy, which is the main reason I haven’t been updating as frequently as I promised I would. I love going in for morning shifts, 6am-2. But usually I work 9-5 or 10-6.

Good News: Christopher (my awesome boo) got a job at Daychem! It’s a chemical place in Dayton and he loves it cuz its his dream job (for now). So if you see Chris be sure to give him a HighFive and say congrats. :)

I now leave you with a comic from xkcd: http://www.xkcd.com/702/




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10 03 2010

I didn’t get the jokes.

10 03 2010

but it was snow tracking… science!

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