Warm-ish Weather and Alice

8 03 2010

Warm weather is here to stay! It has been in the mid 40s since Saturday, and its gonna be 50 on Wednesday!

I never thought I would get excited about the 40s being warm weather. But this is awesome.

Over the weekend I saw Alice in Wonderland, and it was fantastic. People walking out of the theater complained that it “wasn’t like the original” and “didn’t follow the story”.


The “new” Alice in Wonderland is based [roughly] off of the books:  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and the poem Jabberwocky, all by Lewis Carroll. The movie wasn’t supposed to be like the original tale. To me, it seemed more like Tim Burton got all three stories mixed up, watched the Disney version and decided to make a film on the bits and pieces he remembered. Oh, and our beloved Alice is nineteen, all grown up and considered a weirdo.

Basically I thought it was brilliant and am going to go see it again, this time in 3D!

Couple of side notes:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has a deck of cards as a theme, and Through the Looking Glass has a chess based theme. The Jabberwocky is a poem in nonsense verse, and is said to be one of the best ever written. For those of you interested in poetry [Logan] I say check it out.

If you get a chance, I recommend seeing the movie, but don’t be upset when it isn’t like the books, or the Disney classic. Take it for what it is and enjoy the ride.




One response

9 03 2010

This blog should be posted in your newspaper. Very well written and now I understand what I’m going to see in the movie. I didn’t know about the books and will want to read them as well. Thanks for sharing.

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