I hate taking showers

10 03 2010

Ok, so I don’t hate smelling fresh and being clean… I hate the process of taking a shower, especially here at #620 because the shower is possessed.

Thats right, I said it: my shower is possessed.

The shower, who we will call Lucinda has some temper issues. One minute she is fine, and the next BOOM! She’s icy cold. Or POW she’s trying to boil you alive.

Occasionally she will be asleep and not realize I’m trying to shower, and on those days, it’s a perfect shower.

So, when y’all come to visit, get ready for the Lucinda experience. It’s a treat.




3 responses

10 03 2010

Oh my Goodness! I forgot about the shower and know exactly how you feel. When I was there I put off taking a shower forever. Then the time came and it was torture with the hot/cold/scalding hot/nothing but air shower. Perhaps you should start taking baths. I think I will next time I visit.

10 03 2010

Yeah… the shower really is horrible, nothing like freezing your ass off one second and then being steam cooked like lobster

19 03 2010

This is freaking hilarious. So you got into photography and design stuff instead of writing, why?

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