Send me your recipes!

10 03 2010

Ok, heres the deal:

I’m pretty bad at cooking. I get distracted, burn things and fill my apartment with smoke on a regular basis.

But… I am willing to learn how to cook, I’m just lacking recipes.

So heres the deal: Send me easy to make recipes with food that can either:

A) Last a few days


B) Be frozen and reheated.

Whoever sends me the best recipe that I can make without failing will get some sort of awesome prize.

Send recipes to: and have them in by April 1, 2010. :)




5 responses

10 03 2010

oh honey, you know how i am with recipes. do you want cooking or baking or either or both? i can send you approx. 50

11 03 2010

I posted on my FB. Hope you get some good recipes you can share with me. LOL

11 03 2010

I know how to make chocolate cookie bars and currie… and some amazing nachos that can keep us on the toilet all morning =)

11 03 2010

Both would be great, as long as they are simple and can be made in less than an hour. :)

19 03 2010

Maybe. But you make killer chocolate chip cookies.

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