NYC Trip!

14 03 2010

Yesterday I went to NYC, took a bus down, went to the Museum of Modern Art, saw an amazing Tim Burton exhibit, made two new friends and ate at Hard Rock. Yesterday NYC got about 2 inches of rain, my clothes were soaked from 10:15 am until I got home at 10pm, I walked about 10 miles and have bruises on my feet… but it was one of the greatest adventures ever. Here are the details:

I woke up around 5am, drove to the bus station and hopped on the Mega Bus. It is one of those 2 story European busses. It took about 2.6 hours to drive to the city, and on the way I watched Harry Potter (6) on my iPod. (Kudos to Mom and Dad for hooking me up with the digital copy). Once I got to the city, I walked a little over a mile to get to the museum. Of course, it was packed outside, so despite the rain I decided to go see Rockefeller Square. There was a HUGE line around the NBC building, because people were getting ready to try out for the Biggest Loser tv show. Pretty exciting.

Eventually I made my way back to the museum, got inside and decided to explore the first 3 floors before I went to the Tim Burton exhibit. It was freaking awesome. Here are some photos of the museum (floors 1-6) and my new friends Matt and Bryan:

I then went to the Tim Burton exhibit, and wow. I would say go visit if you have a chance, but flying to NY to see a museum is kinda pricy. They didn’t allow photography inside his exhibit, but it was awesome. They had the Edward Scissorhands costume, the scarecrow from Sleepy Hollow, and about 40 of the figures used from TB’s various animated features. They had all the faces for Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and all the characters from The Corpse Bride. They had pages of poems and story ideas from when Tim was younger, cartoons and characters he drew up that he ended up using in later feature films and his original animations and videos he made when he was my age.

All in all, very inspirational and interesting to get inside his head.

I explored the museum a bit more and then headed out to go see Times Square.

On the dreary and rainy way, I noticed two gents were walking in the same direction. One was having umbrella difficulties because it was so windy out, and the other wasn’t using his at all. (I had forgotten my umbrella at home because I’m a dummy like that). At one point, I stepped away from the curb where a lot of water was gathering, and where we were stopped to let traffic get by. They noticed what I had done and stepped back as well. The bolder of the two ended up saying hello and we got to chatting. We were all heading towards Times Square to find food, and by the time we got there I decided I was going to eat with them and they said that was cool. (See photo of Bryan and Matt above).

We chatted about how cold it was, how much the rain sucked and about how we were all soaking wet. Then we got onto more serious topics like music and how Matt is trying to date a girl he really likes and how they got into a cab accident earlier. I know, who does that? Well, they apparently got into a cab with a cabbie who sideswiped another vehicle, they walked away shaken but unscathed, and oh, they paid for the cab. They were very nice guys, and I’m glad we ended up talking on the corner and having a mini adventure together. After eating at the Hard Rock cafe, we parted ways at Penn Station, where they were going to take a train home, and I was hopped on the Mega Bus. After returning home, I found out their train got cancelled, and they took a bus back to Philly. Not cool.

The bus ride back was close to 3 hours due to inclement weather, and I was soaking wet and tired. I slept for a little bit, then watched UP. I took the longest hot shower I have ever taken and then went directly to bed.

Basically it was an awesome and amazing day. I had a ton of fun, and though it would have been nice to have a friend along, I’m proud that I survived NYC all by myself, and I wouldn’t have met my two new [Facebook] buddies Bryan and Matt if I had a friend there.




3 responses

15 03 2010

Sounds like an awesome day. Art museums, Tim Burton, Hard Rock, and UP, what could have been better?!?!

18 03 2010

I think it is so awesome you go exploring on your own like that. Very proud of my young independent daughter. Way to go!

19 03 2010

I second Mom on this. You are one awesome human being!

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