Happy pretendtobeIrish Day!

17 03 2010

I love Saint Patrick’s day. Not for the drinking green beer… but because it’s the one day a year I feel like I can identify myself as something other than a mutt.

Most people can identify themselves as something. As in, being of Italian or Mexican or Native American heritage or being able to call themselves Christian or Muslim or whatever. It seems like everyone can pick something out and say “oh yeah, I’m a part of that 100% and it is such a deep aspect of who I am that there is no changing it”. I’ve never had that feeling or heritage bonding moment or whatever its called.  I can’t identify myself with any religious groups (nor the agnostic/atheist types) and I (think) I am Irish, German, Scottish and a handful of different Native American tribes… a mixed breed if you will.

Sometimes I just feel so disconnected from others around me because everyone has that “thing” they can connect with. And I know y’all will say, but KC, you’re white and American and part of what makes people American: being a mutt; can’t you connect with that? Well, no, because there’s nothing deeper there, no history, my family wasn’t a part of the American revolution and I know plenty of people who don’t know where their families came from. A lot of those people don’t care either. But I do. I want to know who they were and if I am possibly like them at all. I don’t know when my ancestors came to the States, I don’t even know their names. I don’t know if they were religious, smart, strong or brave. All I know is (maybe) what country they were from.

I know this all sounds whiny and annoying, but its been bugging me for… oh… I’d say since kindergarten.

Maybe if I lived somewhere other than the U.S. I could claim myself as being 100% American and be proud of not knowing who my historical family was.

But for now on Saint Patrick’s day, I wear green (very American, I know) and skip around all happy like because finally feel like I fit in, even if it’s not 100%.

Any thoughts?




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18 03 2010

I’m in the same boat as you. I think I have German and Irish in me, my parents told me that I have Cherokee somewhere in the family history. I’d like to know names, who they were, were they important? I’d like to know who traveled over to the US and what they did when they got here, that kind of stuff. But I have no idea where to even start with that. So I feel your irritation.

18 03 2010


19 03 2010

Some schools have kids draw families trees in 5th grade. That task was eye opening for our household. 1st the information was not readily available, but has to be recovered from old files. 2nd the US truly is a blending pot for people from many backgrounds, so it is rare to find anyone who is 100%. 3rd it is not only were they important, but also where there any health issues, what were their values, and what were the to 10 accomplishments in their life. I have sought family information and found it to be an interesting and proud journey, even though there weren’t any “important” characters, just good people who cared about their family and vocation.

19 03 2010

Interesting that you bring this up. I’ve just heard from a cousin of ours in Utah who is doing a genealogy project. You two might want to join forces. She has sent me a preliminary family tree on the Schmidt side of the family (your maternal great-grandmother’s lineage). I’ve got some more stuff in a file drawer somewhere. Be a coll project. Mom has done a whole bunch of research on this from her side of the family. Unfortunately, the Bruce side hits a dead-end quickly because the courthouse in Batavia, Ohio, burned to the ground wiping out a lot of formal records. In any event, you are part of a much greater tribe: the Tribe of Cool.

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