22 03 2010

I had a great weekend! How about you?

I saw my first college hockey game… Cornell v. Union. Cornell won, but the fans were assholes. First, Cornell is one of the better college hockey teams out there, and Union (an Albany school) is not. Cornell fans knew that they would win, yet were still chanting “Union sucks” and “hey you suck” repeatedly. Also, when the first goal was made on Union, every full of themselves Cornell fan chanted “its all your fault” to the Union goalie.

I don’t know about you, but I say that is bad sportsmanship.

Yes, it was a huge game, like the NCAA of hockey, but still… acting like a bunch of elementary school kids because you think your team is awesome… not okay.

And isn’t Cornell one of those “smart rich kid WASP” schools? I think they could have come up with better chants than “you suck”. Hmm…

Other than the fans being idiots, it was a great game. Union held their own for the most part and did a decent job. The great thing about college hockey vs. the pros is there is no fighting. It was amazing to see a hockey game that was about the sport and playing a good game instead of being about kicking each other’s asses.

Overall–it was a lot of fun. :)

That was Saturday. Yesterday (Sunday for those of you without a clue), I went to see llamas. Thats right. I went to a llama farm.

One of the ladies at work, Naomi (her fiancée works with me on the web team), invited me to go see one of our blogger’s farms. It was awesome. The blogger, Teri Conroy (http://blog.timesunion.com/farmlife) rescues llamas and other animals. I got to walk a llama named Cheena, and it was a blast. Cheena was a grandma and a little stubborn, but very sweet. One of the other llamas kept giving me llama kisses (basically just smelling my face). Here are some photos:

awww... so cute.

KC and Cheena = bff

Naomi and her llama.

KC and Cheena

Llamas chilling outside.


Llama and rooster.

Llama eating yummy hay.




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22 03 2010
Beautiful Scenic Photos

Lamas are so cute animals :) I get addicted now and started singing their song again.

22 03 2010


28 03 2010
Linda Thaxton

Asses or llamas? Llamas.

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