23 03 2010

So, last night for Night Cam (which will be aired on Thursday at timesunion.com) I went with the film crew to Daisy Baker’s– a bar/restaurant in Troy, NY. It was raining, and I (of course) was late due to being lost. My GPS (She Who Must Be Obeyed) directed me to a trailer park three cities away. She gets a little grumpy when we go places she has never been before.

Anywho, eventually I got to Daisy Bakers and saw what the event was and why we were there. It was (as you can guess from the title) Tango Night! I had a lot of fun asking people their favorite part about Tango, and how long they had been dancing for. I met some great dancers and fun people from all over the world. After filming the intro a gazillion times (I giggle too much) it was time for us to go. :(

I never do what people want though. So I stayed and watched the mesmerizing dancers weave their way around the dance floor. One nice gentleman, Kevin (I think that was his name… Keith?) instructs newcomers on how to dance Tango, and he gave me a 2 song worth mini lesson.

I am not very graceful, but I also didn’t fail miserably.

In short: I am going back next Monday for some more Tango. I’m totally hooked. So when y’all come to visit me in Albany — plan your visit for a Monday night so we can go dance. :)




5 responses

25 03 2010

Wow, tango dancing AND basketball? Way to be Kacey! Expanding your skills and such. Why didn’t you ever play basketball with me and Logans?! I would like to see your tango dancing skills in real life.

25 03 2010

I never played because you never invited me…

26 03 2010

Actually I think you were in Athens when we played. Cause me and Logans didn’t start hanging out until Ki which was after high school for us…

28 03 2010

I would love to Tango.

28 03 2010
Linda Thaxton

Want to see Tango pics… in stilettos and a spicy dress!

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