April fools!

1 04 2010

Don’t worry… I’m not going to prank anyone this year. Mostly because I’m way far away and that makes it difficult to pull stunts.

Today is one of the first “warm” days in Albany… its sunny out and I really wanna go run! Too bad I’ve got a sore throat today… thank you sinuses. Meh. As long as I’m all better before April 10, I’m good to go.

April 10th? Ah yes, that is when Dad and I are running in the Capital 10,000! I’m super excited and I know even if we have to walk we will still have a great time. :)

I’ve been thinking about joining a running program thing here. It’s a training programs for the Hudson Valley Marathon and half marathon. I, of course, would be going for the half marathon. I would love to do it, but… I’m already super busy with work, sports and friends I don’t think I would be able to devote the right amount of time to it. So maybe next year.

Speaking of sports, tonight I am going to a roller-derby meeting. I’m going to talk to the teams here and see if they are recruiting any new players… if so, I’m gonna join.

I know it’s a little violent and very competitive, but I think it could be fun. Plus, it will help me get out a lot of extra energy on the days I don’t run and I like being on teams.

I’m also joining an all women’s hockey league. So, if anyone has any hockey skates they are trying to sell, send ’em my way. I’m a size 7.5ish in mens and 9-9.5 in womens.




3 responses

1 04 2010

Roller Derby!!!???? Women’s Ice Hockey!!!???? Albany is wonderful for providing such diverse opportunities. You are lucky to be able to try several. What an adventure! Yes…running will be available for several more decades and in any state, but not every place has a Roller Derby team or Ice Hockey for women. You go girl!

2 04 2010

Wow! You sure you’re gonna have enough time for sleep in that busy schedule? Lol. Trying all kinds of different things is so much fun though. So good luck with everything and don’t kill yourself =)

5 04 2010
Linda Thaxton

I am super excited about the Capitol 10,000, too, because you’re staying at my house! I just saw the map of the race course and there’s a couple of killer hills, but, when you run with thousands of people (including the crazies in costumes) they keep you entertained and motivated. It’s going to be a memorable experience. We’ll do some other fun stuff, too, I hope. Visitors, yay!

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