I’ve been busy

27 04 2010

Well not really. I’ve been going to work and running and watching movies, you know… my usual.

Saturday I went to see a roller derby match(?). It was really fun, but they skated sooo slow. Albany lost (lame) but that’s just because I’m not on the team yet. ;) And for the roller derby name, no other roller derby girl in the world can have the same name, and it can’t be like my real name. Ugh. But thanks for the suggestions, I’m going to see if they’re available. :)

I started a new blog… well the TU started a new blog, I just found all the bloggers and am contributing to it. You should check it out: http://blog.timesunion.com/gamers.

In May I have 2 5k races I want to run, am I’m looking for a fun 10k to run, but I doubt any race will ever be as fun as the Capitol 10,000 was.

Thursday I am flying to Dayton! Friday night I’m going to a show in Cinci, and Saturday is Pope’s graduation party! Fun fun fun.

Oh! Last week I made Ron Rollins’ spaghetti sauce. Oh. My. Gosh. Best. Ever. So now I can say I’m awesome at making spags. mmm

One more thing: What do y’all think about the new AZ law? (Feel free to answer anonymously)




2 responses

27 04 2010
Kevin Marshall

Welcome to the Times Union blogosphere. It’s where the cool kids gather.

28 04 2010

Yay! I’m a cool kid now!

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