29 04 2010

One of my favorite smells in the whole entire world is the smell of my parent’s house in Ohio. It smells fresh, clean and it smells like home. I’m glad to back, even if it is for a brief visit.

My parents are moving to Florida. I think this is one of the best decisions they have made (besides the decision to have kids). Phoenix will always be home, Austin will be where my family is, and Ohio will be that place I lived for an extended period of time, but never grew attached.

In 1997, when my family moved to Ohio, it wasn’t by choice. My dad got a new job, and the family- in order to support him- packed up and moved to a place we hadn’t even noticed on the map. I know my dad felt guilty for making us move, and every time we mention that fateful day when we were ripped from our home, I see a lingering sadness in his eyes. He grew up near Cincinnati, and that is his Arizona. Looking back, I know my family was miserable, but I think we did a damn good job of keeping it together. I love my dad, and he made a fantastic career choice when he decided to take the job at the Dayton Daily and I am hella proud of him for making that hard decision and doing what was best for our family. So, no hard feelings Dad, I’m glad I spent half my life here, thanks.

The house is empty-ish and none of my things are here- save a few books and Sir Scooter (best dog ever). The house is almost completely empty- everything is packed up except for furniture. There is even a “for sale” sign in the yard. Maybe it was the 4 years I spent away at Ohio University, or maybe it’s because I never wanted this place to be my home, but I’m not sad or depressed or upset about my parents selling the house and moving. I will always cherish the memories I have had here, like playing capture the flag all night and the parties and neighborhood gatherings, but I don’t think I will ever feel the same way about this house as I do the Arizona house.

Goodbye Ohio, New York will never replace you… but Florida might.




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5 05 2010
Julie Vann

Adolescence and moving are both hard. The blessing of military families is that they work together to ease the challenges…and the base plans many activities to ease the adaptation. Because of their experience (& their friends’ experience) striving for a successful transition with each move, they “jump in” and engage in activities (before they even get moved and unpacked), so that each family member can find a “nitch” and gain that hometown feeling and hometown belonging. Both moving and adolescence are hard.

It will be interesting when you reflect about your Ohio experience in ten years. There are many excellent qualities about growing up midwest. I would not have traded it for another location for my family! You were blessed with a good school system and many opportunities and fond neighbors who enjoyed watching you grow up and also smiled with love & support at all the stories about your youthful adventures.

The neighborhood will miss your frequent engagements….but will savor and look forward to your periodic visits. I will always have an available bed for you, when you choose to come and visit. I am so very, very excited that you are building a home, friends, and career in Albany. You have “jumped in” and I LOVE to hear those stories of adventure, trying new things, and deciding what will be best for the future of kcbruski.

Best wishes to you in NY and your parents in FL….. new chapters are about to be written for both.

6 05 2010

Thanks Julie. Growing up in the ‘hood was one of my favorite things about Ohio. If you’re ever near Albany, I have a place for you to stay as well. =)

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