The first five

5 05 2010

Dear Recipients One and Two,

You know who you are. And you know [almost] everything about me. I could gush for hours about how amazing you are and how you are the two most amazing people I have ever met, but that would take forever. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my brother. You’re the best.




Dear Recipient Three,

You are the most negative person I have ever met in my life. You judge everyone for every little thing they do if it isn’t up to par with your fucked up standards. You have shown me what a loser looks like.




Dear Recipient Four,

Thank you for the best summer of my life. You helped me finally come out of my shell and learn to use my voice. You laughed at my jokes and applauded my energy. When I think of our time together, I feel good about myself.




Dear Recipient Five,

I’m glad you decided to follow what path you did. Your original plan scared the shit out of me, and if you had gone through with it, I wouldn’t have been your friend. Keep making good decisions.






4 responses

5 05 2010

I’m dying to know but will respect your wishes to keep it a secret. I think I know who makes you smile, I think I know who is negative but not sure because there are several, I think I don’t know who you would have lost as a friend if they took the wrong path. But, other than the bad language in print (which makes me cringe) I like this style. Makes me smile big smiles.

5 05 2010

You can e-mail me your guesses if you really want to know…

5 05 2010
Julie Vann

People watching….and personality analyzing……
Your presentation of quick notes to summarize the many people is clever.
You might be talking about specific people, but also it is just a clever way to present the fact that many different types of people fill the world and each of our lives. I enjoyed the presentation!

6 05 2010

It is about specific people, and groups of people and places. I tried to write it so others could relate and pick out the people in their lives who represent each recipient.

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