We’ve never met, but…

7 05 2010

Dear Recipient Six,

I have read your books every other year since I first got them when I was 13, and every year I take away a different meaning from them. Thank you for encouraging me to try new things and follow my dreams, like the characters in your books did.




Dear Recipient Seven,

You are the cutest, most adorable baby I have ever seen. I want to be a part of your life and be an amazing cousin/friend. I’m sorry I haven’t been out to meet you yet, but someday I will. For now, just know that I love you and have tons of adventures planned for us.




Dear Recipient Eight,

Why don’t you ever talk back?




Dear Recipients Nine and Ten,

I’m not old enough to even imagine you in my life, but I know that when we do meet I will try my best to do good by you. That day is coming closer and closer with each passing year, and I’m nervous and excited for it. But for now, you will stay out of my mind so I can enjoy my youth.




Dear Recipient Eleven,

Someday I will show up on your doorstep and kick it down. Get ready, its gunna be awesome.





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