Spy day Tuesday!

25 05 2010

Every day of the week I do something awesome… and Tuesdays are Spy Day! Basically it means I sit on my porch spying on people reading a book. Usually its pretty dull, but today there was a fight!

Okay, not a real fight… just a girl and a guy shouting and getting hateful.

Heres the scoop:
Girl: get out of my life I hate you ahhhh
Guy: F you
Girl: Give me back my credit card
Guy: You owe me money.
Girl: Oh don’t even try that
Guy: You owe me $67 pay up B****
Girl gets in car and starts to leave
Guy stops her
More yelling
She drives off

It was like 20 minutes of hilarity.

I was sitting on my porch saying “Jerry! Jerry!” But I think I was too high up for them to hear me. Also, guy could just go use her credit card and buy $67 worth of stuff to get his money back.

Or you know… she could just cancel her card.

Last week’s episode:
‘I can’t park my car because I’m too old and can’t see’ Lady.
Instead of trying to explain this… here is a photo of the parking lot that day with some mad Photoshop skills. (Okay… not the best, but I’m sleepy)

Start on the right... follow the red... then go to green.. and finish with blue. I'm just as confused as you are.




5 responses

26 05 2010
Kevin Marshall

FUN FACT: Friday I sat on a porch and watched a father take his daughter away from a boy and said “I told you to stay away from my daughter! WHY’RE YOU LOOKING LIKE YOU’RE GONNA DO SOMETHIN’! Yeah, that’s what I thought!”

PS He was carrying a bat. It was awesome.

26 05 2010

Hahaha… Overprotective much? But then again I’m sure there have been a few times my folks have wanted to bash someone with a bat on my behalf… =)

26 05 2010

I hope Tuesday Spy Day doesn’t get you into trouble but I did enjoy being on the phone with you when it was going down. Very funny. You are entertaining to say the least. :-D

28 05 2010

Sounds fun…but not as much as watching your neighbors take a shower (together)!

29 05 2010

gross Linda!

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