Life plan 2.0

5 06 2010


I’m going to go to graduate school. Yup. I’m going to get my Masters in Fine Arts in graphic design or ceramics, or something equally useless. Why? Well, I want to be a teacher. But I don’t want a teaching degree… those kinda feel like a waste of time. If I have a skill and can communicate to others how to learn said skill, then why should I get a degree that isn’t related to what I enjoy doing?

Don’t get me wrong. I love the newspaper business and I love my job in Albany, but I can’t do everything I want in life if I’m stuck in a 9-5 with 2 weeks vacation. I know teachers don’t get as much time off as it seems, but its more time in the summer to do things I enjoy. Like travel. And work on independent projects with friends.

I also want to own my own gallery. Mostly because I think galleries these days are dull and boring and the artists try to be waaaay too abstract. Galleries these days are all about people acting like they know something about art and trying to define a piece, even if it doesn’t make any sense and had no purpose. I like galleries where the work can be touched, interacted with and understood. My gallery will be fun! And yeah, I know I’m no Van Gogh, but hell, if I want a gallery, I will have one darnit!




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6 06 2010

Sounds like a plan. I’m happy for you. Anxious to see you next week. Fun in the sun. YIPPEE!!!!!!

6 06 2010

That sounds like fun. How can we be miles apart and both, separately, decide to want to be art teachers? Yea, and I agree with most of the art galleries… a lot of artists are just so full of themselves! You need to be a genius to figure out what the hell that tiny squiggle on a plain canvas means… go Kacey go!

6 06 2010

Oh Paco… we always knew that was our destiny. =)

5 07 2010
Nathan G

KCB though I have little gallery skill, I would very much like to help you open a gallery. Sounds like a unique and exciting adventure. Like the ridges at night in the rain. :)

6 07 2010

You would help me open a gallery!? And then we could all live in a big house on the beach and you could fly planes and I could do art and J and Matty could do their thing and it would be a Chocolate house of awesome! I heart you, and I miss Ridges nights. =)

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