Work clothes… ugh

29 06 2010

Guess what I really really dislike?

Wearing nice clothes to work. Yah yah, I know I work in an office and am expected to look nice, but its a newspaper. A newspaper where I am a designer and work on the web team. I sit behind a computer all day building pages and playing in Photoshop. Do I really need to wear heels and a nice dress or skirt or dress pants every day? Why not jeans and a t-shirt? Not only would it be more comfortable, but I would be more productive because I wouldn’t be worried if I’m dressed proper for work. Don’t get me wrong, KCB hasn’t gone all out fancy and girly. I dress more casual than most. But still… is it really necessary to dress nice if I’m not being seen by anyone but my coworkers? They don’t care what I look like.




3 responses

29 06 2010
Kevin Marshall

Especially considering the work being done.

I vote for Kacey Casual.

29 06 2010

Me too, my vote goes for KC Casual. =)

29 06 2010

I vote for dress code. I’m the mom, I can do that. LOL

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