30 06 2010

At work, we are building the Times Union site with a content management system that is called the WCM (Web Content Manager). Clever right? So, the WCM has a lot of problems… and I mean a lot. Every day the web team staggers in at various hours of the morning (and if you can believe it I’m one of the early ones) and we all get to work building new pages. Usually after about an hour of work, you start to hear groans and mumbled curse words directed at whatever page is being worked on. After about 2 hours, we get into brainstorm/question mode, where two or three of us will sit together and try to figure out how something works (we got 2 days of “training”).

The running joke is that the site will never be built on time and it will drive us all to early graves. This is how we feel on a day to day basis:

We ARE the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse. Yah! Worse!? How can it get any worse? We’re at the threshold of Hell!

And that is why I haven’t been blogging here as much as I used to. =(




2 responses

30 06 2010

Very funny in a weird kind of way. Welcome to the real world of work environment. Hang in there.

1 07 2010


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