6 07 2010

So today started off fairly normal. I woke up, drank coffee, got dressed, brushed my teeth and was 10 minutes late for work. The usual KCB morning. Work started off normal as well. I got in, turned on my computer and checked out the homepage to see what was in the news today. Then I got started on the usual WCM stuff.

Normal day.

Then I got hungry. I forgot to pack my lunch today, so I headed upstairs to the cafeteria to grab a sammich. An older gentleman walked in and we started talking about the weather and how it is humid and hot outside. Ugh. After a few minutes of nice conversation, he introduced himself. It was George Hearst… you know… from The Hearst Corporation… my boss’s boss’s BOSS! AHHHH!

I played it cool though. He wanted to know how I was enjoying my new job and then we talked a little about Ohio and the Hearst properties in Cinci and how they used to be in Dayton.

Then I got my sammich, said nice to meet you, and walked away with a huge stupid grin on my face. He’s like a celebrity around here.

Thank goodness I was wearing my nice shoes and not flip flops.

P.S. The sammich was delish.




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6 07 2010

How cool for you. How cool for him!

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