A conversation with Mom

7 07 2010

Mom and I are big on G-Chatting and Skype. This conversation happened a week or two before I went to Naples to visit. Here is how our conversations tend to go:

Sandy: do you think our white bedspread would work in your bedroom in naples
actually, the pink stripe comforter you have on your bed here would look okay – color wise
me: o-tay
that works
Sandy: what works?
white or stripes
me: stripes!
Sandy: i’ll give it a whirl
i fly back to naples on 16th and dad will drive u-haul on 14th or 15th so he can pick me up at airport – i need to find a place to stay for a few days when he leaves – i should have come to albany
me: yeah! come visit!
Sandy: hope you like new house – very different from this one
me: im sure i will!
Sandy: and we have a pet cat now
me: hehe
here kitty kitty kitty!
Sent at 8:56 AM on Saturday
Sandy: jan about died when she saw it – i was n my bedroom on phone and she walked in and said “guess what I just saw in your backyard” – i said crocodile , i mean alligator” and she said close.
me: hehe
big kitty!
Sandy: then i about died and all i could think about was scooter
me: maybe it likes to eat lizards!
Sandy: one can only hope
me: oh no… scooter!
well he won’t go outside by himself will he?
Sandy: NEVER
me: yeah… give him a tazer… that will scare the big kitty… little scooter and his tazer!
Sandy: LOL
i’m getting a visual of a cartoon for you and katie
me: hehe
Sandy: prissy little dog fighting off the wild in upscale naples, florida with a homemade device made by his owner who lives in albany new york
a roller derby queen
me: hehehe
Sandy: who fights her own battles via the BLOGOSPHERE
me: dun dun dun!!!
Sandy: SNAP!
me: ta-da!
Sandy: Another one bites the dust
Sandy: And Scooter the wonder boy poops in the woods making yet another mark for the big kitty to smell
to be continued……….
me: in next weeks episode: scooter and kitty make mud pies! but kitty gets mad and it turns into a mud pie fight!
Sandy: so scooter takes out his taser and teases the cat until it cries and gets all sissy-fied.
me: hehe
kitty goes fuzzy!
Sandy: scooter laughs out loud
me: mwahahahahaa
Sandy: OH NO! Here come’s kitties mommie!
me: run scooter run!
Sandy: NO SHIT!
me: hehe
Sandy: in the woods or anywhere
me: then KC comes out in full derby gear
with a hockey stick
Sandy: and does amazing things with her skates over rocks and grass and dirt and under palm trees
me: and kicks mommy kitty’s butt for being mean to scooter!
Sandy: BUT WAIT!
What’s this? Scooter is embarrassed because he couldn’t finish the job himself and he ran off into the woods with the kitty.
me: then kc feels bad… and goes to find scooter
Sandy: then her dangerous journey begins in the preserve behind her house in naples florida
to be continued………………
me: yay!
Sandy: ok, i think we are going insane
me: hehe.
only a little
Sandy: yah
hold on – dad is going to read this
me: hurray~!
Sent at 9:11 AM on Saturday
Sandy: Dad thought it was funny and he said “you girls are so cute” – which we are.
me: duh!
Sandy: I need to get some breakfast now. going to make scrambled eggs and toast and then start packing
give us a call later on if the mood strikes
me: k.

me: you too mommy!




5 responses

7 07 2010

That’s awesome lol.

7 07 2010

I’ve always told you throughout your life to NEVER put in print anything you don’t want the rest of the world to see. Saying is one thing – print is another. This is a typical example of why. LOL

7 07 2010

But Moooommm, the whole conversation was in print… it was directly from your hand! Follow your own advice next time and call me instead of GChatting! =)

7 07 2010

Sounds like a brainstorming session for a children’s book.

7 07 2010

Haha, we talked about that too, The Adventures of Sir Scooter Scuttles!

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