Ready. Set. Go!

9 07 2010

After running the in the Workforce Challenge 5k here in Albany I stopped running. I just couldn’t get motivated to run, walk or get active. That small 3.5 (a little longer than a 5k) race just took all my love of running away from me. Why? It was the most boring, mundane, bullshit race I have ever participated in. All the businesses and companies in Albany put together teams to run in the race and so logically I ran for the Times Union.

It wasn’t fun.

Races, in my opinion, are supposed to be exciting events, where runners encourage each other and have fun on the course… especially when its a 5k. I can understand if marathon runners don’t want to goof off during a run, but for a 5k? Everyone should have been having a blast. And no one was.

Which is why I gave up on running. Til now. Today I am going to start running again. I’m a little skeptical that I won’t love it as much as I used to, but it’s worth a shot. I shouldn’t let one shoddy race ruin the sport for me. Just like I shouldn’t let one bitchy bossy teammate ruin basketball for me. I think another reason I stopped running is because I hate running alone. I like running with a friend, not only to have company, but also so I push myself just a little more.

My favorite running buddy will always be my dad. We have had some great conversations out on the trail and we understand each other’s running habits and know when the other needs to walk for a minute.

I wish I could Skype my dad and run at the same time.




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