17 07 2010

Check out the photos I took during the lightning storm tonight! It’s an awkward angle, but its the best I could get from my porch. Also… check out the building I look at. =) I wonder if anyone over there saw me with my camera and thought I was a super spy?




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17 07 2010

I love ABSOLUTELY LOVE these photos. I’ve been trying for years to capture lightening on film – these are the best. YOU GO GIRL. Why is this so mesmerizing to me? It’s like harnessing nature when it least expects it and dares you to try. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Oh yea, I was there when this happened. We already shared but not on camera. Thanks for sharing the memory.

18 07 2010

Yeah those are pretty freakin sweet photos, its gotta be hard bein a camera ninja like you hehe.

18 07 2010

Haha, I wish I could call myself a camera ninja… its more like hold down the shutter whenever you see a bit of light and hope for the best. But thanks. =)

18 07 2010

Those are so awesome! I especially love the third one down, the clouds look so strange.

19 07 2010

Really cool pics!!!

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