Haircut Part One

24 07 2010

Today I am going to get a haircut. I have no idea how I want to get it cut, nor do I know if the place I’m going to will do a good job. See, I have hella bad luck when it comes to stylists. Either they are neophytes and don’t have enough sense to use their creativity; or they are old warriors and who do whatever they want without listening.

There should be some sort of balance. A creative individual who can listen to all the client’s crazy ideas, then hone in on what is the best option for that client.


Just like a designer or web developer would do (or anyone who has clients for that matter).

So today I am meeting with Beth at some hair place I found yesterday (I would tell you the name but I have no idea what it is). I am going to tell Beth I need a haircut, that I like the length but want something a little more up to date than what I currently have. Then, hopefully Miss Beth will give me a few good ideas about what I should and should not do. Then I will get a fantastic haircut that boosts my confidence, makes me feel fabulous and has me walking out of there with a smile. =)

I’m trying to be optimistic. But the last haircut I got some lady lobbed a big chunk of hair off trying to make “layers” and made an EPIC FAIL (for those B’creekers, don’t go to the salon by Moe’s, or if you do, don’t get styled by the anorexic mouth-breather I had).

So wish me luck and I’ll post part two later today, assuming I don’t have to shave my head and start over.




One response

24 07 2010

Can’t wait to see it. Take pics or SKYPE me tonight. Good luck with that.

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