5 08 2010

I just sent my iMac off to Virginia. I hope the dude/lady who bought it love it as much as I did. I also hope the receive the package… sending expensive stuff makes me hella nervous. Oh well.

In other news…

I need to shower. Bad. It was hot and sticky out today… rained a little and stayed hot and sticky. Ewww. I think if the settlers had landed their big ass boats on the shores of California they would never have ‘settled’ this part of the country. There are tons of forests, land that (in those days) was useless for growing food and horrible weather. Snow in the winter and hot-hot-hot/humid-humid-sticky in the summer (haha, that looks like a math equation). Ick.

But I digress. These days there is air-conditioning, which I finally turned on. I was hoping to go all summer with $40 electric bills, but alas, it became too hot (and I am very tolerant of heat) and now that baby is on full blast. Woohoo!

Back to showering. I know I’ve mentioned Lucinda to you before. And I am glad to report that Her Highness has been cooperating in these hot summer months. Instead of blasting the bather with hot then cold then scalding water, She Who Must Be Obeyed has simply been lukewarm. And it has been a.m.a.z.i.n.g. to say the least. So I am happy to inform you that I now enjoy showers again. (Not that you actually cared in the first place)

I sure hope that computer makes it to Virginia…




One response

5 08 2010

I leave and u turn on the a/c and the shower starts working…. What’s up w that? LOL

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