10 things you might not know…

8 08 2010

…about me! This is one of those things that goes around Facebook every so often. Heres how it works: I post 10 things you probably don’t know about me, and then, in the comments YOU post 10 things about yourself. So here we go:
1. I am scared of getting stuck in an elevator (again) so I always take the stairs.
2. Sharks are my favorite non-extinct animal
3. I cried the day I was told I could never scuba dive because I have asthma
4. I have a super secret time capsule buried outside my window at the Arizona house. It contains my favorite pencils, because that’s what 6-year-olds put in super secret time capsules.
5. I want to get a tattoo but am afraid my mom and brother will never talk to me again if I do get one.
6. My dream job is one where I can play outside all day
7. I don’t understand why some people try to hide their freckles. I love mine!
8. The best compliment I ever received (regarding my looks) came from an uncle I hadn’t talked to in 10+ years.
9. When the weather is 80 degrees or lower I wear a jacket. (brrr!)
10. I want to spend more time in the Andes with my brother.

Your turn!




4 responses

8 08 2010

You mean I can’t scuba either cause of asthma?!?! That is depressing =(
We have to get our little matching goldfish tattoos!!! =) They should understand that one, it won’t be big!
My dream job is outside too! And I love freckles, even though I don’t really have any.

8 08 2010

1.I have recently thought I might have adult attention deficit disorder because I can’t seem to stay focused on one thing at a time anymore.
2.It’s hard for me to believe that I snore. It’s not lady-like. LOL
3.I find it disgusting to hear someone burp/belch out loud and it hurts my feelings when my kids do it intentionally in my presence. (OMG-Jeff just walked into my office and did that but it was muffled)
4.Throwing out old clothes and shoes is hard for me to do.
5. There are some people I find it difficult to like or be in their company – so I don’t go there – if at all possible.
6. I cannot read music and have tried many times to accomplish this.
7. I wish there were a real Captain Jack Sparrow and he was my friend. Not Depp but the Captain himself.
8. I think dancing, cooking, and doing projects with your mate is romantic.
9. Cats and dogs are awesome creatures and I wish I didn’t sneeze my head off when around them so I could pick them up and love them.
10.I feel blessed to have such good health but fear that might not always be the case.

8 08 2010

That may be the most charming of your often-charming posts ever. A supersecret time capsule filled with pencils. Recovering that prize has now been officially added to my bucket list!

8 08 2010

@Paco: Apparently we can’t scuba because if we have an attack while under water and hooked up to the breathing thing our lungs will expand when we hit the surface and explode… not fun. =(
@Mom: Thanks for playing… sorry I burp in front of you…
@Dad: I think the pencils are probably decayed and gone by now. “Super secret time capsule” in my 6-year-old mind meant burying the pencils as is… I don’t think they survived. But that would be cool if they did.

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