Why I’m a badass

9 08 2010

I just re-pierced my own nose. With a safety-pin. Because I’m that punk.

Okay, I wouldn’t call me punk… at least not anymore. Not since my purple hair went away and I got a corporate gig at a newspaper. Hahaha. Punk.

New nose!

Anywho, Albany is boring on Mondays. I get out of work at 2:30, and since I usually get all the housekeeping done over the weekend I am usually just left with cartoons and freelance work. There is no trivia on Mondays (I looove trivia) and most people hate hanging out on Mondays. So, Mellow Monday it has been for the past few months. Until today. When I got bored and decided I missed my pierced nose.

Jessica H. (aka J) and I got our noses pierced when we were living with Katie (aka KT) in the Bromley dormitory. That were some of my happiest days. I was working two jobs, had two amazing roommates, a kitty (Sophie), a hamster (R.I.P. Hammy LaFawnda Sunshine) and a Super Nintendo. What more could a girl want?

Fast forward to my senior year when I was living with Melania, Katie and Heather. One night I had a little too much to drink (something about playing flip cup for the first time) and not enough to eat and I lost the contents of my stomach; took out my beloved nose ring so I wouldn’t lose it to the Porcelain God and forgot to put it back in after I made my offering.

But I digress. So, today I was sitting around my house thinking of all the fun times I had in college and how I missed the good ‘ole days when my face had more character to it. So I grabbed the rubbing alcohol, the safety-pin and my old nose rings and made magic.


Mom just called and asked what I was up to. Here’s our conversation:

M: “Hey girlie what’s going on?”

KC: “I just pierced my nose”

M: “Oh shit”

KC: “hahahahah *snort* hahahha”




6 responses

9 08 2010

I still can’t believe you re-pierced your nose. That’s just nasty. But I do apologize for saying a bad word. That’s just not lady – like. My bad.

9 08 2010

Those were great days, I miss them. I still have the original nose ring, but I think yours is much more badass.

9 08 2010

Nose rings are badass, piercing your own nose is double badass

9 08 2010

I LOVE this quote [from Stevo, ‘SLC Punk’] :

“We can do a hell of a lot more damage in the system than outside of it.”

As much as i love my mohawks, 3 studded belts (all worn at once of course), torn skinny pants, etc etc etc…. I believe you have to play the game to get inside to THEEENNNNNN do your destruction, dismantle from the core. It’s OK to conform somewhat, just don’t ever loose sight of who you are :) Yes, you’ve done away with the purple hair but that doesn’t mean you’re any less than before!!! THAT’s the problem with todays ”punks”. They think it’s in the look. NO NO NO my friend, it’s how you live your life.


make sure you heal that nose correctly!!! sea-salt water shall do the trick :)

10 08 2010

I love Stevo! And yeah, it is definitely in the attitude and not in the way you dress. =)

And I have some of the sea-salt water so I should be good to go!

9 08 2010
Kevin Marshall


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