19 08 2010

Where to begin?

Well, I started my day at 6:30 a.m. at the Times Union. I did the usual morning checks and added a couple of stories to the TU Facebook page (I’m now the main administrator for the page, so you should be a fan and “like” everything I post). I then went on to do some little design things and go to a few meetings. You know, normal work day.

At 2:30 I headed home from work, got on my skates and went to the park. I love roller derby. Actually, right now I really love roller skating. For one, it is a lot faster than running and for two, it is awesome. Anywho, I skated for 2 hours and then went home to jump in the shower.

I grabbed my press badge, phone and camera. I ran down the stairs. I was on time. Then my happy-ass got stuck in traffic. Ugh.

Eventually I made it to the show. I shot a Seen gallery of all the cool kids hanging out at the show and then tried to get in touch with Paco. I couldn’t reach her. No problem, I was still going to rock out.

The curtain dropped.

Everyone screamed.

I about had a heart attack.

KISS was really on stage. Oh. Em. Gee.

Then Paco called. Hurray! She gave me Doc McGhee’s phone number (he’s the manager for KISS) and he and I texted til he found me. And gave me an all access pass to the show!!! What!? THE Doc McGhee found me! Ha! We chatted and I asked if I could follow him to the backstage area. Because he is the nicest guy in the world he said “of course”. As soon as we got backstage he said “cover your ears”. Okay Doc! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! HA! Let’s just say KISS really knows how to put on a show. I hung out backstage for a few minutes, then headed out front to see some more of the show. I was so close! EEE! And I took quite a few photos. And it was awesome.

At one point, one of the roadies walked over to where I was about in tears (so excited) and grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the stage. I said “what did I do?”. He laughed and said that confetti was going to be blasted out of the confetti blasters and I didn’t want to be right in front. I said “oh cool, thanks for the heads up”. What was I thinking? “YES! Confetti! Blast away! Woohoo!”

Needless to say I made a new friend “confetti roadie” and got a ton of a.m.a.z.i.n.g. photos (that’s the next post) and am going to drive to Cleveland to see KISS again with Paco. Yes, its 7 hours. Yes, I will be driving alone. Yes, I will be buying Doc a beer. No, I’m not going to drool all over Ace.

Straight up, it was one of the coolest things I have ever done. Ever.

So thank you Paco, you are an amazing lady who made me feel like a rock star. And thanks Doc, you are the nicest person I’ve met in showbiz.




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20 08 2010

Haha actually that’s Tommy in Ace’s make up that you are drooling over =) Yea, I would not want to be standing in front of one of those canons when the confetti gets going!! Haha.

Doc tried to buy me and Jimmy a beer once. But he was so tired that he left without paying his tab. The stupid bartenders didn’t know who he was and said “that bum left without paying his tab.” They OBVIOUSLY didn’t know who they were talking about. So me and Jimmy paid for his drink. Haha, funny stuff. I was like WTF, why didn’t they just add it to KISS’s tab? They do have rooms here ya know.

I can’t wait for Cleveland!! I’m super stoked!

20 08 2010

I know its Tommy, but a girl can still play pretend. =) I am so excited… like can’t sleep excited. Already. Taking Cricket into the shop tomorrow morning to make sure she can make the long trip.

20 08 2010

Aww, yay! I’m making Doc a thank you slash Birthday present too. I mean, it’s nothing compared to all access passes, but I felt like I should do something. I wanted to paint him something, but I don’t have enough time. I wanted to bring some cupcakes or a little cake or something, but I dunno if he’d want that. Then again, who doesn’t like cake?! Especially Graeter’s cake!!

I been looking at goldfish too. There are some cool ones if you google goldfish and goldfish tattoo. I drew some. I’m thinking a fun, happy, cartoon one cause that most reminds me of our friendship =)

21 08 2010

What if Doc is allergic to gluten or eggs or something? The he can’t have cake! =( I was going to make him a card or something. Not sure what the protocol is for getting managers gifts to say thanks.

And a happy cartoon is def. what I had in mind too!

21 08 2010

I’m excited for both of you. Just don’t leave town and become a roadie without letting your mom know. okay?

21 08 2010

I’ll let ya know when we head out mama, no worries =)

21 08 2010

Haha, I almost did last time I saw KISS in Cleveland!!

26 08 2010
Julie Vann

Awesome! How exciting to be close enough to feel the energy of the performance. Your photos showed the action and the power of the performance. I am glad you had such an opportunity. Now you have a great memory of the event. AWESOME!

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