I’m feelin’ hot hot hot

31 08 2010

Oh yeah.

Yesterday the high was 89 with 80% humidity.

Today it is freaking 95 with 90% humidity.

I’m melting. I can feel it. Slowly yet surely melting away. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the heat. Love it. It’s the humidity that is a killer. If it was lets say, 85 and 0 humidity, I would be in weather-heaven. Oh goodness its hot out there today though.

Sorry, I don’t mean to talk about the weather with y’all. But really. It’s all I can concentrate on.

I’m gunna go shower. Nice ice-cold shower. And turn on the fan. Oh gawd, the Fan!

Whats the weather like where y’all are at?




One response

1 09 2010

Weather is about the same here. High is 97 but with humidity feels like 103 but I don’t mind it too much. Last night was PERFECT. We went to an open air restaurant that was on the water where boats dock. Very breezy and beautiful. Then we saw the sunset at another location where the breeze was less evident but nonetheless perfect for us. Hope tonight is the same. That is why we moved here. For those breezy coastal nights and days. Hope it continues.

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