New windows

1 09 2010

All this week there have been strange men running around the apartment complex doing handy work. I thought there was just a bunch of broken stuff that needed fixed, turns out, we’re all getting new windows!

Now, I am super excited about getting new windows. My current ones don’t keep the heat in during winter and are a little drafty. New windows should solve that problem.

So I’ve moved all my furniture away from the current windows, cleaned up the apartment a little bit and took down my curtains. Woohoo!

The only problem with the new windows? Strange men will be in my apartment installing them. MY Apartment. The tiny little corner of Albany and the world where I can just be alone. I love having visitors, that is awesome. But I really don’t like strangers in my home. Yes, I said it: home. I have grown to love this sixth floor space where all my things are. Its cute and perfect… when its clean.

Not to mention some of these dudes are a little shady. I’m sure they are nice fellows in real life, but I heard them saying some not so nice things (this is where you insert a crude joke that even I would balk at). I guess it was boys being boys… but still. It was awkward. One of the fellows is quite nice and while we were on the elevator together (I’m trying to get over my fear) he explained how you take an old window out and put a new one in. Fascinating!

But I digress. Do you ever feel weird about strangers invading your home? Even if it’s for a good reason, like new windows? Or am I just being a weirdo?




3 responses

1 09 2010

Yes, you are weird. But, everyone is nervous when someone different come into their home.

1 09 2010

Ever since I moved out of my momma’s house, I have all sorts of people invading my home. In my house they had to come in once a month while I’m gone to check the gas meter, but they finally put in a computer so they don’t have to anymore. For apartments, it’s way worse. They had to come in to change the filters on the furnace and to fix faucets. Then there was the one time the buttheads changed my locks to the apartment without telling or giving me keys!! Apparently they were supposed to change the lock for another apartment…. but they locked me out over Labor Day Weekend (on Friday) and didn’t open the main office until Tuesday…. I HATE people coming into my home.

5 09 2010

I don’t even like the cleaning people coming to clean but I make concessions for that.

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