5 09 2010

Today I am going apple picking! Can you tell I’m really excited about it? I woke up without an alarm at 7 because I’ve been so antsy and ready to rock and roll! I think once or twice as a kid we went fruit picking… but I don’t remember what we got or where we were. Mom, Dad, brother… y’all remember?

Anywho, I plan on taking a bunch of photos of my excursion today. I’m going with a couple of the TU bloggers, Erin and Kevin and their friends Erin’s Sister (never met her before) and Kevin’s roomie Steve (and you have to say it like in the commercial for the “all about Steve” movie = stEEEve!)

The weather is perfect… super sunny and blue skies, so this is going to be awesome.

Check back later for photos! =)




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5 09 2010
Kevin Marshall


5 09 2010

We picked peaches. Glad you remember – sort of. It was in Queen Creek (near Mesa) at an orchard/farm. Hot day but lots of fun for us. Both you and Logan were adorable picking the fruit. Nice memory.

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