Where were you?

15 09 2010

The ninth anniversary of 9-11 has come and gone but it doesn’t seem like it has been nine years… feels more like a few days ago, the memory is that vivid.

It will be one of those events in history that everyone who was over the age of 4 will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing at the time. Most of the folks from my generation would have been in school that day. Teachers and school officials across the country kept things hush-hush in order to keep kids calm. Not at B’creek. I was in political science class, first class of the day. My teacher got a call at the end of class and told us something really horrible had happened. The bell rang and when I got to my science class the teacher had the news on. I watched live as the second tower was hit and crumbled. For a 14-year-old that was some heavy stuff.

Where were you?

What were you wearing? I remember getting up that morning and thinking “uuughhh… I don’t wanna go” so I threw on my Energizer Bunny hoodie and some jeans and ran out the door. I’m glad I wore it that day. Long sleeves are helpful for wiping tears off your face before the other kids see that you are upset.

What else happened that day? Well, the day was a big blur of “WTF JUST HAPPENED!!??”. Some kids whose parents were in the military got sent home early because their ‘folks worked at Wright Pat and well, there was a big concern that the #3 air force base in the US would be next. Later that day there was a small fire at the gas station and everyone… and I mean everyone in B’creek freaked. Understandably so. Right before that a jet fighter plane flew over, broke the sound barrier and made the whole town shake. At least that’s how I remember it.

And to all the good people who lost loved ones that day, sorry you lost someone, and sorry you have to be reminded of it every year. It is hard enough to lose someone you love (goodness knows I still cry when I’m missing Honey) but to be reminded of it every year on the day it happened must make life hard to live that day.




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