I am a Warrior!

20 09 2010

The Warrior Dash should have been called the Warrior Hike/Obstacle course. A dash is more of a quick sprint to the finish, this was more of an uphill battle… literally. Mom, Dad and I were super pumped for the race and we rocked it! The first mile and a quarter were steep and uphill… like up a ski slope (no really… it was up a ski slope at Windham Mountain). Then it was a fun downhill race with lots of mud!

Here are the obstacles we did:

1. Ran through some tires like the army dudes do (foot got stuck)
2. Vaulted some walls (okay… more of an awkward tumble)
3. Crawled through a tunnel (banged up my knees and left blood behind for the next guy)
4. Swam through some nasty ice cold water (actually I fell in and some dude pulled me out)
5. Ran through a forest (it was more like tiny sections of forest spread out over the course)
6. Walked a plank over a pit of doom! (there was no doom…)
7. Ran over a bridge or two (this was apparently an obstacle.. I owned!)
8. Ran though some more woods and down hill (sprained my ankle… darn hole in the ground)
9. Climbed up and over some cargo nets (not as scary as it looked)
10. Slid down-hill on a super slip and slide (hit the haystack at the bottom and got a mini black eye)
11. Jumped over fire (the crowd cheered for my awesome leaps)
12. Got on my hands and knees and sloshed through 2 feet of mud under barbed wire

Then as the crowd was cheering (jeering?) I ran past the finish line and got my medal!

Okay, so everyone got a medal and it took me almost an hour to complete the 3.23 mile course, but it was so much fun! I have a couple cuts and bruises, but I would so do it again in a minute! Next year though, I am only wearing a bikini and stripping down at the end. The clothes I wore still smell a little like mud. Ick!

Mom and Dad finished a little over an hour and even played in the mud!

Check out the photos of before and after!




6 responses

20 09 2010

Your mom can’t possibly be 60. She looks fantastic!

And the warrior dash was awesome!

21 09 2010

She is 60! I can only hope to look as good as her someday =) And I want to run the Tough Mudder next: http://toughmudder.com/

21 09 2010

THAT LOOKS AWESOME! Like Warrior Dash’s cooler older brother. The one in Vermont in May is only like 2 hours from here… I think I might have to sign up too!

21 09 2010

We should sign up for the same time and train together! No way am I going to run alone for that one! Well, I wasn’t alone for the Dash, but I ran ahead of M&D

22 09 2010

love your description of the obstacles-perfect!

25 09 2010

Love the pics. Thanks for posting. And thank’s for the nice comments about me. So sweet. Next time I’m not going to wear red shorts that look like a saggy dress when I’m done. Now that shows my age. LOL

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