Three things

24 09 2010

So, from this point forward I am going to try to stop using curse words so much, in real life and in bloggy-land. Sorry to anyone I have offended, but old habits die hard and I’ve been cussing like a sailor since I was 16. Today seems like a good day to quit. So, from now on, if you hear me curse, feel free to remind me that I have quit. Unless it is completely warranted… like if I get hurt… usually those moments a good old-fashioned “OH $#!&” usually is acceptable.

Now on to the three things.

Life is all about finding the perfect balance for yourself and meeting those needs on a regular basis. People always try to find balance emotionally, mentally and physically to achieve this personal balance and when you lack in one area, you feel it. Lately I have been working on said “balance”, but didn’t even realize it until my parents came to town and I had to do a couple of things every day.

First comes the physical side of things. In the past few weeks I have lost a lot of fatty weight and gained a lot of muscle. Now, it has been a slow and gradual change and I’m sure y’all won’t be able to see it but I can feel it. This is all due to my new love of roller skating and roller derby. We practice two nights a week with the team, but on days we aren’t practicing… I’m out at the local park skating my booty off. I put on the headphones and skate hard for about an hour, then cool down practicing crossovers. On days I don’t do some physical activity I feel antsy, like I have too much energy. And the day after not working out I feel sluggish (booo).

Next, the mental or intellectual side of things. (I just spelt “intellictual” wrong… haha) Usually for this fun category I do something really fun like read about Greek mythology or check out the latest trends in web design and try to figure out how to implement them into my own designs. I love to learn and have been going to the library like a freak to get new books every few weeks. And not just pleasure reading books either, I like history books and I’m considering grabbing a physics book… but I don’t want my brain to explode. I also put my latest activity under this category umbrella: cooking. Right now I am learning how to bake and failing. For me, baking is an intellectual challenge to get all the bits and pieces working together properly. Maybe once I know what I’m doing it will move to a different category, but for now its work.

Lastly comes the emotional bit. I’m not talking about my relationships with other people, I’m talking about my personal emotional stability. For me, this has always come out in the form of artistic endeavors. Now, I’m not saying I’m a great artist or anything. I am just saying art helps me to reflect and stabilize my sometimes shaky emotions. Now, I’m not one of those chicks that freaks out and cries over everything. Usually my tears are warranted (unless its Lion King… I cry every time Mufassa dies – that is an example of unwarranted tears… because I know its going to happen… every time). But I digress. When I talk about “my sometimes shaky emotions” I’m talking about the days where I am feeling depressed or anxious for no reason. Art in any form helps me release those negative feelings and have a better day. Classic example: I went to my guitar lesson the other day feeling really bummed out… and after a couple of songs I felt a release and was back to normal (ish).

So there you have it. That is why I am an obnoxiously upbeat and happy person (most days). I do things that make me happy, challenge me and let me release all the bad stuff inside.

What do you do to find balance in your life? Share in the comments! =)




3 responses

24 09 2010

Love this blog-in and of itself is a release. Writing your feelings helps to sort out how you feel. I’m so proud of you and who you have become. You’ve inspired me. Sitting at NYC airport on my way home. After a week here -to re-invent myself is timely. Over-stimulation will do that to you. Thanks for sharing. It’s always a WOWIE moment when I read your thoughts. Soothes my soul. That’s my therapy. Love you more.

25 09 2010

If you don’t cry when Mufassa dies, there’s something terribly wrong with you. I would consider those necessary tear. They mean you’re human. And empathetic. This blog, and your talking about this stuff when we visited in Albany, has been an inspiration to me. I was talking to Logan about it the other day. I’m taking your lede and trying to do the same thing. Just finished a set of physical fitness goals leading up to the Cap 10 and my 62nd birthday, thanks to you.

29 09 2010

You’re so smart to step off to the side and take a few moments to take care of yourself on all levels. Mind, body, spirit. Eat, pray, love. Physical, intellectual, emotional. Whatever it’s called.
I think you have the beginnings of the recipe for a successful life: A dash of music, art and poetry, a sprinkling of exercise and lots and lots of good food, loving family and true friends.
Note to Mom and Dad: I see this KCBruski character in the office 5 days/week, so I’ll keep you posted on her potty mouth. Today, so far, so good.

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