Saturday is my Sunday

25 09 2010

And Sunday is my Monday! Ha! I now work Sunday-Thursday and have 3 super early morning shifts. =) I’m excited… you should be too.

Have you ever been thrown into an awkward social situation… like literally thrown? Not the most fun thing in the world. Don’t ever let a big lady “man-handle” you into a stranger’s apartment unannounced, it makes everyone feel a little out-of-place. But no worries, I made some new friends (very nice folks) and almost kicked some booty at Texas Hold ‘Em. Too bad the Texas girl (yours truly) did a lousy bet and lost all her winnings and what little pride in her poker game she had. I blame it all on the cards… they had little Yankees signs all over them, threw me off my game.

I’ll get ’em next time (assuming there ever is a next time).




2 responses

25 09 2010

This sounds brutal. Was it someone in your apartment building? I can only imagine. Sorry about losing. That stinks. Want me to send $$ ? LOL

26 09 2010

We weren’t playing for money, but I need to head out to Vegas and gamble for real sometime soon. =)

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