21 11 2010


So, my bad on not keeping this bad boy up to date. I’ve been super busy lately and the blog has fallen to the wayside. Oops.

Lets see where we left off… October? What!?

Well, let’s get y’all up to date then shall we?

First and foremost, I am now officially a roller derby girl! You may call me KCDC (Kacey Causes Devaskating Chaos) or Chaos or DC. Your pick. Skating takes up 3 of my evenings and my Saturday mornings on a regular basis and sometimes a Tuesday or Friday night when I go skate at the roller rink for fun. My skills have definitely improved over the past few months and if I can just stay on my feet after getting hit by Jenny Rotten then I should be good to go for bout season.

I’m still taking guitar lessons and can kind of fluidly play through a couple of songs. I should probably practice more, but I get distracted too easily and run out of material too quickly. Does anyone know of any good tab sites? Or anyone want to send me some tabs?

Oh! And remember that one time a big lady man-handled me into a strangers apartment? Well, said stranger is now my boyfriend (manfriend?) aaaand he is awesome. Nuff said.

I’m moving! Okay, not away from Albany, and certainly not back to Ohio. I’m moving to a new apartment! Where I’m at now is great, but it is a little expensive and I like to save my money. So, I found a cute little studio apartment in an attic and move mid-December. Not only do I have cheaper rent, but I also get to downsize and get rid of a lot of stuff. I don’t like stuff. Ugh.

Anywho, basically I am doing fantastic and will start writing again. Sorry for the unannounced hiatus.

p.s. Ohio kids need to visit meeeeeee! =)




2 responses

21 11 2010

You need to play the Cincinnati Roller Girls. They go to a lot of other states actually. I wanna come see you play! Damn lack of job-ness. I can’t wait for schooling to be done. Then I can not spend my money on stupid stuff. Go KCDC! They should totally play ACDC by Joan Jett when you do awesome stuff except they should edit so it say “KCDC, devaskating to you and me!” Or something kick ass to that effect. =)

22 11 2010

If the Cinci girls want to drive to Albany that would be sweet! We play a lot of folks from the northeast (one team from Montreal too!). And I think they should just play Back in Black every time I jam. That would be sweet. =)

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