B is for Bruski

11 01 2011

Twelve months ago when I started this blog it was meant to be a way for folks back home and elsewhere to keep up with the random activities I was getting into. From basketball games to llama walks to day trips I think I kept y’all pretty well informed of what all was going on.

These days (okay, the past few months) I have pretty much settled into a regular routine with work and extracurricular activities, so I’m not sure of the relevance of this blog anymore. I mean, I could write about how awesome roller derby is for every post and how I have some kickin’ bruises to show off, but after like 8 posts of derby goodness, I think y’all would get a little bored. My regular routine is awesome and consists of working 5 days a week, skating roller derby 4 days a week, guitar lessons once a week and spending time with friends and my manfriend during all my free time.

So, this is my fare-thee-well post. I hope y’all have enjoyed all the posts, and sorry I wasn’t too consistent with keeping things updated (thats good though, means I’ve been keeping busy!)

For updates on my day-to-day stuff, check out my Facebook page. Also feel free to Skype me at kcbruski or shoot me a message on AIM at bublygreencheeze. Or you know, pick up the phone and call (if ya want my number shoot me an email).

Thanks for reading!





2 responses

12 01 2011
Sandy Bruce

Bummer. I enjoyed reading this. I totally understand though. Wish we could skype. I miss that the most.

27 04 2011
Jeff bruce

Save the blogsite. You may want to start posting again. Too cool to loose.

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