May 21 – My first jam

24 05 2011

Here are the videos Bear Lee Giveashit shot of my bout on Saturday. My family couldn’t be in town for the bout, so I figured video is the next best thing! These are only the jams I was in, for rest of the bout videos you’ll have to look elsewhere (he only recorded jams I was in). It was my first time jamming and I think I did alright and we won! Albany All Stars B-squad v. Hudson Valley Horrors ZomBSquad – Final score: 105 – 73




3 responses

24 05 2011
Sandy Bruce

You mom is totally blown away. You are amazing. HEY EVERYONE! MY GIRL CAN SKATE. OH YEAH!

25 05 2011
Jeff Bruce

That was an amazing bout. You were tremendous. Wow are you fast. Way to go girl. All that training and hard work has paid off. You’re the bomb!

27 05 2011

I missed your first jam! :-( Sorry wifey!

But you looked great out there from the looks of the video! :-D

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