Who is kcbruski?

Since she escaped from the womb 23 years ago, Kacey has lived in 4 states (TX AZ OH NY), been to 4 continents, and worked for 8 different companies. Her favorite color is orange, her lucky number is 5 and art/traveling are her passions. If you’re planning on buying Miss Bruce a drink make it a stout beer, none of that girly cosmopolitan crap. She can’t cook but loves to eat, and could consume pizza and nachos every day. She has one brother, Logan, who is kick ass; and two awesome parents: Jeff and Sandy.


6 responses

21 01 2010

Orange, I assume, is for the sainted University of Texas. Fair enough. But why not GREEN? Yours truly from Space Sector 2814.

22 01 2010

Green is my second favorite… Orange because its so happy!

23 01 2010

Happy is good!

22 03 2010
Beautiful Scenic Photos

Hi thanks for visiting my blog and comment :)

15 04 2010

hey girl sound like your trip was a success

5 10 2010

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