What do you wear?

6 10 2010

Let me start of this post by informing you of the recent poll I have been conducting with random friends/acquaintances on undergarments. I’ve talked to men and women about all types of underwear and what types they prefer, colors, etc. Now, before you spout off and call me a pervert, I was simply curious and it has led to some fun conversations about the different types of things we wear to cover our bits and pieces.

For men, it seems there are only a few options. Most men in my peer group go for boxers or go free. The athletic types sometimes wear boxer briefs with a little more support for the boys but on a day-to-day basis: boxers win. No one I talked to likes the mankini or tightie whities, that is so first grade.

Women on the other hand have a lot of options. Now, while I would love to discuss the different varieties that women wear, my main concern is that men don’t know the difference between regular panties and granny panties.

The consensus is (from the men’s side) that anything that covers the cheeks is a grannyP. What!? Obviously the young men of this generation have never seen a grannyP. For you information, bikinis, briefs and boy-shorts styles are NOT granny panties. Sure, they may cover us up, but they are not waist-high and they certainly are not neutral colors and made of silky material like grannies usually are.

If it is colorful, cute, patterned and/or low-rise then it is not a granny. Just sayin’. Chicks wear the cute undies because they are cute and we like it. We wear thongs so our lines don’t show, not to impress you gents (well maybe sometimes it is to impress you).

The reason for this rant? It is to inform all the young men (and I only say young because older gentlemen know better) to never… ever… call a woman’s underwear “granny panties” unless they indeed are grannies.

Now those are some serious grannies...


Saturday is my Sunday

25 09 2010

And Sunday is my Monday! Ha! I now work Sunday-Thursday and have 3 super early morning shifts. =) I’m excited… you should be too.

Have you ever been thrown into an awkward social situation… like literally thrown? Not the most fun thing in the world. Don’t ever let a big lady “man-handle” you into a stranger’s apartment unannounced, it makes everyone feel a little out-of-place. But no worries, I made some new friends (very nice folks) and almost kicked some booty at Texas Hold ‘Em. Too bad the Texas girl (yours truly) did a lousy bet and lost all her winnings and what little pride in her poker game she had. I blame it all on the cards… they had little Yankees signs all over them, threw me off my game.

I’ll get ’em next time (assuming there ever is a next time).

Three things

24 09 2010

So, from this point forward I am going to try to stop using curse words so much, in real life and in bloggy-land. Sorry to anyone I have offended, but old habits die hard and I’ve been cussing like a sailor since I was 16. Today seems like a good day to quit. So, from now on, if you hear me curse, feel free to remind me that I have quit. Unless it is completely warranted… like if I get hurt… usually those moments a good old-fashioned “OH $#!&” usually is acceptable.

Now on to the three things.

Life is all about finding the perfect balance for yourself and meeting those needs on a regular basis. People always try to find balance emotionally, mentally and physically to achieve this personal balance and when you lack in one area, you feel it. Lately I have been working on said “balance”, but didn’t even realize it until my parents came to town and I had to do a couple of things every day.

First comes the physical side of things. In the past few weeks I have lost a lot of fatty weight and gained a lot of muscle. Now, it has been a slow and gradual change and I’m sure y’all won’t be able to see it but I can feel it. This is all due to my new love of roller skating and roller derby. We practice two nights a week with the team, but on days we aren’t practicing… I’m out at the local park skating my booty off. I put on the headphones and skate hard for about an hour, then cool down practicing crossovers. On days I don’t do some physical activity I feel antsy, like I have too much energy. And the day after not working out I feel sluggish (booo).

Next, the mental or intellectual side of things. (I just spelt “intellictual” wrong… haha) Usually for this fun category I do something really fun like read about Greek mythology or check out the latest trends in web design and try to figure out how to implement them into my own designs. I love to learn and have been going to the library like a freak to get new books every few weeks. And not just pleasure reading books either, I like history books and I’m considering grabbing a physics book… but I don’t want my brain to explode. I also put my latest activity under this category umbrella: cooking. Right now I am learning how to bake and failing. For me, baking is an intellectual challenge to get all the bits and pieces working together properly. Maybe once I know what I’m doing it will move to a different category, but for now its work.

Lastly comes the emotional bit. I’m not talking about my relationships with other people, I’m talking about my personal emotional stability. For me, this has always come out in the form of artistic endeavors. Now, I’m not saying I’m a great artist or anything. I am just saying art helps me to reflect and stabilize my sometimes shaky emotions. Now, I’m not one of those chicks that freaks out and cries over everything. Usually my tears are warranted (unless its Lion King… I cry every time Mufassa dies – that is an example of unwarranted tears… because I know its going to happen… every time). But I digress. When I talk about “my sometimes shaky emotions” I’m talking about the days where I am feeling depressed or anxious for no reason. Art in any form helps me release those negative feelings and have a better day. Classic example: I went to my guitar lesson the other day feeling really bummed out… and after a couple of songs I felt a release and was back to normal (ish).

So there you have it. That is why I am an obnoxiously upbeat and happy person (most days). I do things that make me happy, challenge me and let me release all the bad stuff inside.

What do you do to find balance in your life? Share in the comments! =)

I am a Warrior!

20 09 2010

The Warrior Dash should have been called the Warrior Hike/Obstacle course. A dash is more of a quick sprint to the finish, this was more of an uphill battle… literally. Mom, Dad and I were super pumped for the race and we rocked it! The first mile and a quarter were steep and uphill… like up a ski slope (no really… it was up a ski slope at Windham Mountain). Then it was a fun downhill race with lots of mud!

Here are the obstacles we did:

1. Ran through some tires like the army dudes do (foot got stuck)
2. Vaulted some walls (okay… more of an awkward tumble)
3. Crawled through a tunnel (banged up my knees and left blood behind for the next guy)
4. Swam through some nasty ice cold water (actually I fell in and some dude pulled me out)
5. Ran through a forest (it was more like tiny sections of forest spread out over the course)
6. Walked a plank over a pit of doom! (there was no doom…)
7. Ran over a bridge or two (this was apparently an obstacle.. I owned!)
8. Ran though some more woods and down hill (sprained my ankle… darn hole in the ground)
9. Climbed up and over some cargo nets (not as scary as it looked)
10. Slid down-hill on a super slip and slide (hit the haystack at the bottom and got a mini black eye)
11. Jumped over fire (the crowd cheered for my awesome leaps)
12. Got on my hands and knees and sloshed through 2 feet of mud under barbed wire

Then as the crowd was cheering (jeering?) I ran past the finish line and got my medal!

Okay, so everyone got a medal and it took me almost an hour to complete the 3.23 mile course, but it was so much fun! I have a couple cuts and bruises, but I would so do it again in a minute! Next year though, I am only wearing a bikini and stripping down at the end. The clothes I wore still smell a little like mud. Ick!

Mom and Dad finished a little over an hour and even played in the mud!

Check out the photos of before and after!

Where were you?

15 09 2010

The ninth anniversary of 9-11 has come and gone but it doesn’t seem like it has been nine years… feels more like a few days ago, the memory is that vivid.

It will be one of those events in history that everyone who was over the age of 4 will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing at the time. Most of the folks from my generation would have been in school that day. Teachers and school officials across the country kept things hush-hush in order to keep kids calm. Not at B’creek. I was in political science class, first class of the day. My teacher got a call at the end of class and told us something really horrible had happened. The bell rang and when I got to my science class the teacher had the news on. I watched live as the second tower was hit and crumbled. For a 14-year-old that was some heavy stuff.

Where were you?

What were you wearing? I remember getting up that morning and thinking “uuughhh… I don’t wanna go” so I threw on my Energizer Bunny hoodie and some jeans and ran out the door. I’m glad I wore it that day. Long sleeves are helpful for wiping tears off your face before the other kids see that you are upset.

What else happened that day? Well, the day was a big blur of “WTF JUST HAPPENED!!??”. Some kids whose parents were in the military got sent home early because their ‘folks worked at Wright Pat and well, there was a big concern that the #3 air force base in the US would be next. Later that day there was a small fire at the gas station and everyone… and I mean everyone in B’creek freaked. Understandably so. Right before that a jet fighter plane flew over, broke the sound barrier and made the whole town shake. At least that’s how I remember it.

And to all the good people who lost loved ones that day, sorry you lost someone, and sorry you have to be reminded of it every year. It is hard enough to lose someone you love (goodness knows I still cry when I’m missing Honey) but to be reminded of it every year on the day it happened must make life hard to live that day.


5 09 2010

Today I am going apple picking! Can you tell I’m really excited about it? I woke up without an alarm at 7 because I’ve been so antsy and ready to rock and roll! I think once or twice as a kid we went fruit picking… but I don’t remember what we got or where we were. Mom, Dad, brother… y’all remember?

Anywho, I plan on taking a bunch of photos of my excursion today. I’m going with a couple of the TU bloggers, Erin and Kevin and their friends Erin’s Sister (never met her before) and Kevin’s roomie Steve (and you have to say it like in the commercial for the “all about Steve” movie = stEEEve!)

The weather is perfect… super sunny and blue skies, so this is going to be awesome.

Check back later for photos! =)

Today I was assaulted

3 09 2010

Visually assaulted. And I am so upset, angry, offended and ticked off that I can’t even see straight from all the tears.

NOTE: Mom said no cussing in this post, and I’m going to try my hardest, but just know for every “freaking, darn, shoot and heck” I really mean something much more powerful.

I work at a newspaper. Every day I hear about sad stories, horrible violence and bad things happening. I also hear about good things, like little girls who get the money they need to get an operation, or high school students having fun their first day of classes.

At the paper I work at we have a bunch of blogs, as in over 100 blogs and over 400 writers for the blogs (some are group blogs). Today, one of the bloggers from one of the group blogs kicked me and about 300+ readers/viewers in the face. Not cool blogger. Not cool.

This particular blog thinks the newspaper at has been censoring their comments or something stupid like that. So, in order to make a point about censorship, they posted two images on their blog today. The first thing you saw when you clicked on this blog was a huge image of a man with his head blown off. Literally blown to pieces and empty. Not something you want to see your first hour of work. The web team acted quick, took the post down and removed all the bloggers writing privileges. Too bad I saw the image before it was taken down.

Now, if you know me… at all… you will remember that I have a very active imagination and that I can’t and will not watch scary/gruesome/horror-filled movies. Frankly, they scare me and I have horrible night-terrors for weeks. A real life image of Death doesn’t sit well with me. At all.

Hence the being kicked in the face assault.

After I saw the image, dealt with the newsroom drama and hyperventilated in the bathroom I was ready to work. I looked at some cute photos of kitties and listened to happy music.

Quick side note: Earlier this week a video on YouTube popped up on our site of a girl throwing new-born puppies into a river to kill them. So now I can’t get the images from the video out of my head every time I look at a puppy and I’ve been having nightmares about dead puppies. Hence the kitties.

I somehow made it through the day without crying. I think I was more subdued than usual and definitely was paying a lot more attention to detail in my design work than I usually do at the wire frame stage.

Once I got home and was alone everything hit me at once. I couldn’t find anything else to focus on, I was home alone and left with the image I saw earlier. I lost it.

That frackin’ piece of crud runt who posted that photo ruined my effing day. Frick! She had no right… no effing right to post that bullshart all over the blog without any sort of warning. It was just freaking there! It was in your face. She’s an effing immature, ignorant POS horrible person who has no respect for the dead, much less the living for posting that crap all over the blog where she and the other bloggers get thousands of page views a day.

I am offended and hurt. No one warned me of what the image was. According to my dad, I’m a “very sensitive” person who takes images like that and actually thinks about what she saw because I care about people and when I see violence so raw and uncensored I just can’t take it.

Whew, that was a fun rant… and without curse words it really doesn’t seem quite as powerful, but you get the idea.

As I was sitting on my floor, hugging Mr. Piggy and wishing that I could just get a darn hug from a real human, I decided to call my dad. He worked in the news industry forever and a day and he always knows exactly how to calm me down and help me not freak out. Then I talked to mom and she explained that people are hateful and mean and that things like that are not nice.

And while normally I wouldn’t talk about work-related stuff here, I just really needed to get this out and get some love from people. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks, and that image was the tipping point for me.

Dad pointed out that the way I reacted was completely normal and makes me a more caring than average. He also pointed out that it is a good thing that I am not completely desensitized to images like that, much like the rest of my generation.

Mom said that eventually the image will leave my mind and it won’t be so raw and at the forefront of my thoughts.

But for now, it hurts. It hurts me deep inside, not only because it was gory and gruesome… but because someone would want to use another’s death to prove a point. That is wrong.

I know violence happens in this world, and I know there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening, but I don’t want to be subjugated to that kind of image when I am not ready for it. If I know what I am getting into and the image actually had purpose relating to what I wanted to be looking at, then fine. But when I have no choice it really ticks me off.

Tonight I will be watching Disney movies and thinking happy thoughts. Feel free to call if you have a fun story or want to be angry with me. =)

If you want to read more about the post and what happened, check out Metroland’s blog: http://metroland.typepad.com/. Just be warned: they do have the image at the bottom of the post, but only if you click to see it.